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Conference Place - Bangkok,Thailand

Presentation Mode

Oral Presentation

You have to just bring your presentation in a PowerPoint format (we encourage short video files which would make presentation interesting). Each presenter will get a maximum of 15 minutes for presentation, which includes set-up time and 2-3 minutes of Q & A session.

Poster Presentation

All you have to do is to make a poster on soft copy/ hard copy (Ideally 2 feet x 3 feet). We would project the soft copy on the LCD projector for 5-10 minutes. If the author brings the printed poster, we would be attaching it to the display board/ display wall. The poster may be explained to the participants by the presenter.

Virtual Presentation

Those whose abstracts are accepted and they cannot attend the conference, are allowed to make a Skype presentation or share a video presentation. Your abstract will be included in the proceedings and your full paper will be considered for publication.

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